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Many of the scientists in the room already know how apt this comparison is: there are uncanny resemblances and intellectual links between today's speaker and the Royal Society's greatest ever Fellow. All Charlie Veron's friends know, too, that he has made himself an internationally famous scientist without ever losing Darwin's fierce independence, unquenchable curiosity and passionate love of nature. Charlie, Sir David says, is one of the world's greatest scientific authorities on corals and coral reefs. He has discovered and described more than 20 percent of the known coral species—the tiny invertebrates that form skeletons of calcium carbonate and often join together into giant communities. And he has produced definitive catalogues of all the world's corals. But today—Sir David's voice takes on a somber note—Charlie comes with a different task: to show us how coral reefs are the keys that can unlock the truth about the bewildering changes we have unleashed in our climate. Perhaps he may answer the question that nags at us all: Do the reefs tell us that the future is worse than we realize?

An onsite audit is conducted to examine system parameters, process controls, and current monitor and control procedures. A physical walk-through is conducted, process flow diagrams are examined, previous design criteria are examined and current standard operating procedures are evaluated along with data logs.