Shy - broken heart

It was through Barras that she met a shy young Corsican army officer named Napoleon Bonaparte who was six years her junior. They were married in Paris in a civil ceremony which, conveniently for him later on, was invalid in several respects. The official who conducted it was not entitled to do so, the officer who witnessed Napoleon’s signature was too young, the bride reduced her age by four years to 29 and the groom gave a false address and date of birth.

Red Shy Guys walk off ledges while pink ones don't, striking a resemblance to Green and Red Koopa Troopas respectively, although the primary difference is that Red Shy Guys are known to turn in the direction of the player after landing. Red ones are also known to ride Autobombs and Ostros and often appear out of Vases . Pink ones became blue in the remakes of Super Mario Bros. 2 . The Super Mario Advance remake introduces Mega Guys . It takes time to pick them up because of their size. If the player picks up a Mega Guy and throws it to the ground, or defeats it, it drops a Heart .

Shy - Broken HeartShy - Broken HeartShy - Broken HeartShy - Broken Heart